Saturday, May 26, 2007


In redoing this house, I am finding memories crashing thru my mind. We are going to be replacing this bay window in a couple of weeks. I remember this window growing up. The entire room then was Bob’s office. His huge desk, the stereo playing blues and jazz. And I remember in the 60’s when the center panels opened. The feel of the breeze as it cooled the air during summer. Of course during Bob’s lifetime, the window began to leak and he went ahead and sealed the window shut. Again, in a few weeks, the breeze will return. The new windows that will be replacing these will open. Only this time, it will be the side windows that will open. The front window will be stationary.
Also, in doing the new windows, the new glass will protect from the sun and of course be “green”. I am not really doing the replacements because of “global warming” or anything like that. The memory of the breezes is the goal. In some respects, sometimes, one does get to “go home” again.

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