Thursday, June 28, 2007

Kitchen counters, backsplash and floor are set. tomorrow they will do the wall where the stove goes. I tried to get some close-ups of the tile so it would be easier to see.
My floor is slate, or stone. it's called mystique green. And from different angles, it looks like it changes colors. The counter top and backsplash are wonderful. And with that little "pencil rail" WOW!!
Tomorrow they will do the wall, grout the rest and Voila!!!
They are working on the bathroom and are having a bit of "fun" with the hexagons. I guess when those mesh things need to be cut, the mesh doesn't want to stay put!! But, they will finish it tomorrow. For tonight we have NO toilet!! Good thing we have a "camp commode"!!!!

Well, enjoy and let me know what you think . . . .

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Trap door in floor!
Well, my tile won't be ready till tomorrow, but "Vestermark" went ahead and redid the "trap door" to the old root cellar that is in this house. they had fabricated a new frame from metal and then lined it with wood. This way the new trap is lightweight and will take the tile much better.
Also, there is a new hinge and will be a recessed pull to get the trap up.
Tomorrrow they start laying tile!!!!

No we don't use the root cellar due to when we get the "El Nino" rains. the cellar will flood and we have to pump it out. The cellar isn't very big, maybe 4 feet X 5 feet. One can stand up down there. And there is a light. But, normally one doesn't hear of a "root cellar" in California.

Munch is doing better today. She was "very good" all day. No crying at least. I went in and played with her today for about an hour. then I "hand fed" her some cooked chicken. We found if we kind of keep her very well fed, she does better.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Day one of prep for kitchen.
Well, the kitchen is pretty much prepped. Floor and countertops are ready for tile!!
The tile guys had fun getting up the old floor. As far as I know, that old floor was there when
my parents bought the house in 1962!! So, I really don't know how old it was. But, it was tough and didn't want to come easily!! the old countertops were only 16 years old so they weren't quite so tough to come out.

Poor little Munch. She has to stay in for all of this. the tile guys have their trailor in the back-back, partly thru the smaller gate. Munch has to be cooped up in the baig bedroom all day. We did get her collar and leash for a walk out in the back. She was "NOT HAPPY" with that. Of course, most cats don't like to be on a leash. But, she seems a bit better, if I stay inside with her!!!! A couple three days won't hurt. and then she will have a new slate floor to "run" across!!

Well, more tomorrow . . .

stay tuned!!

Before photos are always fun! Here is my kitchen before!! Nice and bright. Hopefully it will be even better once the tile is finished. I've never had anything like this before. I am a bit nervous.
The bathroom will also be done, white subway tile on the wall and hexagon for the floor!!!

So here we go . . .