Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ok, I know have the little bedroom ready to go. All the stuff was picked up. And we "filled" Tom's trailor!! All of Mother's things will be going to Apache reservation in Arizona. That tribe is one of the poorest. And it really makes my heart full to know I can lend a hand.
Hubby and Tom loaded all the stuff. then hubby went ahead and began taking out the old ratty carpet. I hate carpet. If you could see all the "dust" and whatever under a carpet, you would never have carpet ether. YUK!! Hubby did it in sections so it wasn't heavy to tote out. I didn't overdo and my back isn't so bad today. The hardest part is getting all those little nail strips up!! We sat and got it all taken care of in just over an hour. I love little pry bars to get the strips and staples!! Hubby swept and then vacuumed. We also moved in the TV cabinet and TV, plus the secertary desk. I have to call the cable company and have them transfer the cable line to this room. Also, I am going out to find a couple of futon-like chairs for in here too. That way, if for some strange reason I get company, I will have a couple of extra beds. I still need to figure out how to get the really big desk in this room too. My neighbor Joe said we might be able to take it apart and reassemble it. Let's hope so. So all in all, I now have the majority of this room finished. Now to move on to the living room and dining room. But, I have a call into my lawn service guy to see if he can get me a couple of guys to help hubby get the rest of the carpet out. I will also be renting a bin from the trash company to really get rid of all this carpet and other junk!! POOF-gone. So much easier than trying to haul all this stuff away ourselves.

Well, it is very early on Sat morning here. (west coast) As I wait for hubby to get up, I check my e-mail, drink coffee, read the paper, feed the cats, then I can take a breath for a few minutes.
I can see now how the house is going to look when we get finished. I have a call into our lawn service guy-John. I want to ask him if he could get us a couple of guys to help hubby rip up the rest of the carpet. I will pay them the going rate and provide lunch. Next week we will be renting a "bin" from the trash company and just getting rid of the old carpet and other junk. It is so much easier than trying to haul away everything. I need to go out and order the 7 foot bookcase, a coffee table, chairs for the dinning table and a couple of futon type chairs for the little bedroom. the futon chairs can also be beds in case of vistors such as my kids. I will also be getting a new stove, fridge and washer. It is tough waiting for all this to get done. It's funny how impatient I am right now. I know these things will be getting done, but I want them done "yesterday"!!!

Well, we finall got all that stuff in the little bedroom "OUT". I had decided to just "donate" all the stuff as a "pay it forward" thing. For once I think it would be nice not to have to think on if I should get a tax break on something.
We went ahead and got the carpet out of the room. Hubby did it in sections as I just can't lift heavy things anymore. It just makes me so angry that I can't do that kind of work. I'm angry that my back is all screwed up. I was the one who always stressed doing heavy lifting and the like the proper way. Lift from the knees, don't twist and lift, etc. And yet here I am with 2 vertebrtas closing in on my spinal cord. Most days I can put up with the pain. Lately tho, I can feel it even when I roll over in bed. I know I need to go in and see Dr. Dennis and see if one of those "magic shots" will do the trick again. Let me expain the shot. I go to the out patient clinic, and when I am called, I go into an operating room, lie on my stomach. They then put me out, that's so I don't move or twitch, stick a needle into L3-4, the space between the 3rd and 4th vertebra and shoot in cortazone. when I wake up, it feels like my hip bones are frozen. For the next few days I just need to take it easy. I hadn't been able to get much medical help while taking care of Mother as the volunteers would only do 2 hours twice a week. With hubby having to take me to get this shot, I needed more than the 2 hours. the really sad part is, friends of Mother or myself just didn't have the time to help me out. So, here I am. I guess I am still reeling about the fact that all the care was left up to me. Now, I am in need and well, I have to go it alone-again.

On a different note, those of you who do any knitting or crochet know the joys of winding your yarn by hand. I use my knees to wind up balls of yarn. Others use a chair to hold yarn while winding. Well, I found a woman who not wanting to pay out up to $70 for a winder, figured out how to make on for under $20. Her llink is
Plus if you go to her site she now has knit patterns.

Friday, March 23, 2007

mini purse pendant

mini purse pendant
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Here is one example of the mini-purses I do. And yes they open, so you can put a folded up $20. inside!!! All beaded using peyote stitch. Some I put crystals at the bottom. I vary each purse I do to keep they a touch unique. The little clasp at the top is crystal.
With these is do use a non toxic varnish over the beads as I really use mine and want to make sure the thread keeps strong for usage.
The neck piece is knotted on the little jump rings and then varnished so the knots won't come undone. I only use standard black for the cord, but anyone buying these can change the cord if they choose.

Awareness purse

Awareness purse
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Here is the finished Awarness purse. I had shown the different stages in earlier blogs.
This is tapestry crochet using wool yarn, size "F" hook. Pattern is from Carol Ventura.

Wish fairy and Pop the Cork

Wish fariy and Pop the Cork
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I really enjoyed doing "The Wish Fairy". Just something about the look on her face said, "Bead Me"!!!
"Pop the Cork" is or celebrating ALL the time! I use only Swarovski crystals and the hot pink ones in the fringe of Pop the Cork really come to life when any kind of light shines on them.

The "Diva"

The "Diva"
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the Diva is beaded in 3 sections using peyote stitch. Using 3 sections, enables the wings to be folded up for storage.
The little "bat" charm on the bottom of her dress fringe is sterling silver.
This is a larger piece

Thursday, March 22, 2007

next room to redo
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As you can see this little 12 X 12 room is bursting with furniture and clothes to go to charity.
But, this is the room is will transform into my studio for beading, crochet and computer stuff. I am also going to put the TV in here too. That old ratty rug is coming up as there is oak floors under it. I really hate carpeting. I will just have to make a ffew more crochet rugs to "throw down".

You just can't understand how excited I am to finally be able to do something with this little house. I love this little house and I am so thrilled Mother left it to me. the house was built in 1937, is solid redwood including the framwork. The framwork was also designed for earthquakes as the inside of the framwork forms an "X" instead of the standard uprights with a small piece inbetween. the walls are real lathe and plaster. the floors are all solid oak. Tho the house is small-2 bedrooms 1 bath, it is just perfect for hubby and myself. The yard is just right and the garage is NOT attached to the house. We also have a paved alley in the back of the garage. the city of Costa Mesa had sent Mother a letter a few years ago that there was historical intrest in the house. I want to get some things done, then if the city wants to-they can go ahead and put it on the historical list!!!!!

So far hubby and I have put on a new roof, redid the electrical, redid most of the plumming, a new fence on the north side of the place and replaced a few windows.

So, stay tuned and check in to see how the place is coming along!!

flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

I had to redo the google/flickr thingy for blogging!!

One of my airplants that is blooming. This plant is only about the size of my fist!! The flowers are so pretty tho. I love em!

I must be really weird. I just have to get important things done before I "pretty up" the house.
Gary, our plummer replaced the riser pipe for our shower, plus all new fixtures in the bath. The old pipe was a galvenized pipe and the fixtures were from 1937. Now the pipe is copper. You can not believe the difference in a shower now!! WOW!!! No more just water coming out-now it really "beats" the dirt off of a body!!! LOL Yes, they had to cut the wall, but hubby and my neighbor Joe, made the pannel. My walls are real lathe and plaster so, because the pipes and the thermastat are in there, the pannel is just fine-just in case. I think it adds character.

Also, I had the hot water tank replaced. The old one was from 1990. Gary is great. He's been Mother's plummer for 20 years. He gets the job done quickly, and done right! Both things he had finished in just a bit over an hour. HIs son Chris is his assistant.

Hopefully, Friday, all of Mother's bedroom furniture and clothes will be picked up by Tom, who will then take it to Apache reservation this weekend. Pay it forward with Mother's things is what I wanted to do. I know people on the reservation "really" need stuff as this tribe is really poor.
Then hubby and I can get the carpet out of the little bedroom, move a few things in and I will have my very own room for beading, crochet and computer. I am also going to put the TV in the little bedroom too.
Then the rest of the carpet in the house will come out. I will have a nice living room, and a dining room where I take pictures of "Thru the Bay window" from. My dream of having a house again is slowly coming true!! I will do pictures as I go!