Friday, January 25, 2008

I "Slept" in.

Now, I am one of those people who because of the jobs I did, I had to be up early most every day. Plus, I had 3 kids to "manage" so to speak. And now, because "our little princess" Munch, who used to get me up every day at 4, I just get up around 4ish every day. Today tho, I made it all the way to 4:45 am. Oh my goodness, that sure feels nice. LOL
Now, I just don't swill coffee and wonder about how I am going to get thru the day. I get my coffee, feed the 2 fur kids, go check e-mails, then choose ether to go and crochet on things I have been wanting to try. Or, I go and play World of Warcraft. You got to figure that I can't really start anything with banging and the like, Hubby is still sleeping. Most days I go and curl up on the couch, pick up my hook and yarn and off I go. It's quiet. I know the phone isn't going to ring or anyone is going to come to the door. So for a couple of hours I crochet away in bliss.

It's raining here today. The grapevine is shut down due to snow and icy roads up that pass. Freeways are a mess. Sure glad I don't have to go out in it. LOL this storm is cold tho. Hey, when we are in the 50's for a high, that's cold for us. And we have wind also.

So, I have been finishing up these few things so I can "move on" to more I want to do. Of course classes begin for me on Monday evening. I start with Cartooning Mon and Wed evenings. I love that class. Only a pencil and whatever paper you can find is all that is required.
Wednesday morning and afternoon I will be in a Photoshop CS3 class. that one goes from 10 am to 5 pm. That should be fun and I get to learn the new CS4 too.
Hubby will be doing a photography class. I figure that will be the best way for him to learn what he needs to learn about using a camera.

I also crochet using fabric strips. Here is an easter basket I did. I got into the fabric crochet with all those colorful sheets my kids had. Just couldn't see tossing them. Thru the years I have added gingham fabric to the sheet fabric. Did you know you can find king size sheets at the thrift stores for practically nothing. I'll did up a few photos of the area rugs I have crocheted with fabric. My size "Q" hook that you see is the most difficult to find. I got mine 20 plus years ago from Annie's attic. Annie's doesn't carry them anymore. :(

Well, got to run, Today is sheets day. Tomorrow I do the regular laundry. LOL Plus, hubby will begin his "clean out" starting on Sunday. He is going for another colonosphy on Tues morning. Large polyp to check. So he has to do 2 days of clean out. Then on Tuesday, they are going to put him a bit deeper under anesthesia to check that large polyp. Now you know why I have been up early and crocheting like a fiend-LOL

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