Monday, February 18, 2008

Bits and Pieces and updates . . .Oh My!

Well, how many times does one get a choice in ones own kitchen? LOL Hubby and I differ on how our coffee is made. I'm really old fashioned and prefer the perk type. Tastes better to me. And yes, I do have a coffee pot that can go on the stove to "perk" coffee. Works for camping also. But, hey, how do you like your coffee cooked?????
I only bring this up as do you know how difficult it is to find the "star filters" for my percolators? So far only target has them. And when I do find them I usually buy a dozen or so. But, next time you are in a store that sells percolators, see if they have those star filters. Most places don't. So, why sell the percolator without the filters-intresting . . .

I hope everyone had a great Valentines Day. I know I did. Except for going to see a surgeon for hubby. That one polyp he has that is very large, has to come out. Hubby will be getting a "resection" of that part of his bowel. Plus, his surgery is going to be on "leap day": Feb 29. Hubby will be spending a few days in hospital-Hoag in Newport beach. I guess when one has a colonoscopy, the doctors can use a "loop device" to remove small polyps. The loop device goes around the polyp, then a small current of electricity is sent thru it. This cauterizes as it removes. Hubby's polyp touches the other side of the intestine, so not a good thing to try to remove with the loop. The electric current could cause the other side of the bowel injury. Let me tell you that hubby is really tired of "being probed" where the sun doesn't shine-LOL He says it must be like being taken to a space ship and the aliens are doing the "probing". Hey, hubby is an amateur astronomer, and thinks aliens from "outer space" have been here. LOL Me, well, those little "greys" need to come to my front door, ring the bell, and introduce themselves before I would think they were real-LOL.
I have made this Valentine cookie for years. It is really good and quite easy to make. I have a couple of heart shaped cake pans, a 6 inch and a 4 inch. But, any baking pan will work. Plus, did you know that Reynolds now makes parchment paper on a roll? No more buying the package of sheets.
Here is the cookie I made. And to date, there is only a small piece left. We had "cookie" with breakfast. A great way to start off Valentines Day. Hubby got me a card, some wonderful red, fuzzy type slippers, and a sterling silver pendant. I got him a card, cookie, dinner and well, lets just say that even after almost 38 years, (May 15 will be 38 years), it still sizzles in the bedroom. LOL

I bought myself a few more patterns. I know, I know, but it's an obsession with books and booklets. I have been crocheting for close to 35 years, and I do have a "wonderful" library of crochet and bead patterns. Along with my art books, reference books, antique and vintage books, and some great history type books. That's why I had to buy a larger bookcase.
Yep, I got a "good looking one". Why not? See all those books hiding behind the door . . .
The top 2 shelves are all crochet type books and pamplets. It's remarkable that I managed to keep these for so long. I did thin out the books. All those extras went to my granddaughter. She loved them. Poor thing has tonsilities. She's stuck at home. I heard she's crocheting a teddy bear while she gets better.
I keep my hooks in the bookcase too. Now you all know what you can do with floral frogs and giant beer mugs!!
The new patterns I got are shown below. Plus, I am working on the "Strawberry Shortcake" and another doll. you will see the bits and pieces . . .

The Mr and Mrs Santa pattern comes from These are just so cute. I might make them with sport yarn first to get an idea of the pattern before I use thread-LOL But these are just so adorable . . .

Here are the "bits and pieces of 2 dolls I am doing. Now, I changed the size of the hook from a "G" down to a "C" as I prefer a smaller doll. I am using "Red Heart" Classic yarn, 4 ply acrylic. It's a lot of smaller pieces, just like doing one of those fanicer amigurumi. If anyone is planning to try these-let me see yours too!!

The latest issue of "Crochet Today", March/April 08, has in their "products & news", page 6, an article of "handy Hooks" from Japan. I love mine for crocheting with fabric and really bulky yarns. I got mine tho about 15 years or so ago from "Annie's Attic". Which they discontinued. But, I have had carpel tunnel surgery wrist and elbow, ( it was from intense gardening when we lived in Washington state), and these hooks feel so good when working with them. So, if you were thinking of these hooks get them now! I went to the site and it is $8.00 for all three. But there is a waiting list as they sell out quickly!! The site is
Oh, before I forget, I got a photo of Munch. She usually doesn't sit still for a photo, she really is a "scardy Cat. But, today was different-enjoy her little sweet face.
It is the right side of her face that is parlazed. You can just see the tiny "smirk" she has on the right side of her mouth.

Well, enough from me for one day. I will check in as hubby has to do a 2 and a half day clean out before the surgery. And all day on the 29th I will be at Hoag hospital.

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