Thursday, March 29, 2007

HaPpy EasTer-Early!

HaPpy EasTer
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Well, in just a bit over a week, "Harvey" will be visiting most of us. Now who out there knows who "Harvey" Is? I can give you some clues . . . "Harvey" is 6 feet tall, white and invisable. Is tant enough clurs for you?
And who was the only one who could see "Harvey"?

"Harvey" is my all time favorite 6 foot tall, white, invisable _ _ _ _ _ _! When I was introduced to harvey as a kid, I thought how wonderful to have a friend like him. He's very smart. and he knows just how to handle things.

I might be off line for awhile. I need to take in my laptop and get it's "spring cleaning" to make sure everything stays up and running. I love my "Mac guys" they are the greatest. I know I can do this stuff at home. But, it's like getting your care tuned up, you just wanna make sure, so you take it to a pro. And hopefully, I will be able to get back into some classes this fall and I need a program loaded. I have that new Mac laptop, and some of the softwear doesn't translate as the new Macs don't have "classic" anymore. And it doesn't cost extra for them to translate the program over. then I will be ready to go. Lab fees are $80. for the use of their computers in the lab. If one had their own with the programs-no lab fee-hee hee!!!

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