Monday, March 26, 2007

Naked Floor is Exposed!!!
Boy, this Monday sure has to be the greatest one ever. My lawn guy, John called me saying he was going to be over in 30 minutes with 2 guys to get the rest of the carpet taken up and out. I had called John on Sat. to ask him if he could get a couple of guys to help hubby with the removal of the rest of the carpet. John has said Thurs or Fri. So how great was this!! So, within 30 minutes I had the majority of stuff whisked to safer hangouts. Then I had to find our little cat Munch and lock her in the bedroom. since both bedrooms had already been stiped of that carpet, I know Munch would be safe.
Well, the guys got her and off to task they went. They had to do the living room in sections as we really didn't have anywhere to put all the big furniture. Things went well tho. This carpet has been on this floor at least 16 years I know about. Mother just refused to have this done all these years. but, it is getting done now.
Towards lunch, I went to KFC and got 2 of their 14 piece meal deals. I got home and set the table, with paper plates. Then "lunch"! the 2 guys were so quiet as we all sat down to eat. Both guys are Mexican. Hubby does the talking-mostly. I just don't have an ear for languages. I can understand, but speaking is difficult for me. And of course since it's lunch, John shows up too. He pushed the guys to get moving. I just wanted to make sure the guys got a good lunch and a proper rest.
with the livingroom done, the dinning room furniture could all moved into there. The second room did go a tab faster, till they got to the carpet boards with all the nails. Having been in so long, the boards kept splintering and such. But, they got it all taken care of. Plus, they took everything away. No wondering how I was going to get rid of all that old carpet.

Except for the kitchen and bath floors, this phase is done. Things need painting, but other than that, all I can say is WOW! Both cats are freaking of course. Nothing is the same as it was. I know they will adjust. Poor little Munch, she had to huddle under my bed, listening to the pounding to get those boards up, while the regular lawn guys were mowing, weed whacking and blowing. she didn't get to go out till noonish. Little Munch is afraid of just everything! Hubby has to really try to make her feel better. Munch has never known any other house and now even that has changed. She'll adjust. . .

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