Friday, April 13, 2007

Update on the de-do of the house.
At least here in the pictures you can see how things are going. I will say that we "straightened up" so I could take the pictures. With a bit of luck by Wednesday, I should have a new stove and fridge. I decided to get all my applicances in stainless. This will be the first time in my live that I will have all my applicances that are the same color. That's something.
I am still waiting for my bookcase tho. I really hope it comes next week. Sure would love to see the living room "finished" as far as furniture. Plus, I can again see all my books too!
I began the paperwork to get my name on all of Mother's annunities. In a few weeks I will get some extra money and I can go ahead and 1. get the inside painting done, the countertops in the kitchen, and the floors refinished with new baseboards. Oh, how I wish I had a magic wand and could have everything just "finished"-POOF!!!!!!
I know I may seem a bit selfish by doing all that I am doding, but, I have waited so long to have this little house jsut the way I want. Growing up here sure helped, but as an adult I fell in love with it all over again. Then with the "McMansions" popping up around us like deadly mushrooms, I want more than ever to get finished. Yes, I am going to be that "little guy" who jsut by living in a small house plan to be the "thorn" in the "McMansion's" side. It come down to what they call my "carbon footprint". My house is a small 2 bedroom 1 bath, detached garage. Smallish yard, yet it's just right for me. Those "huge" houses take up their entire propertys with no yard. From living in Washington state and doing all that gardening, canning and the like, I can say that I am the "recycle queen". How? Well, for starters, most kitchen waste is dug back into the soil here. I have really no need to get additives for my soil. My roses are healthy, the blooms are huge, and no sprays. We save and crush soda cans, plastic bottles are saved for some friends who take them in for cash. Even my newspapers and cut-up cardboard are placed in the alley for the senior gentleman who comes around every Sunday. All the funiture, clothes and extras we don't need are donated to charity. I have bird feeders to keep a cycles of birds coming in to help with insects. I cook from scratch with things ether from my little garden or produce from the farmers market. Even hair brushed from the cats is places on the bushes for the birds to use for their nests. Light bulbs are the "green" types and only night-light types are for evenings.
Old Sheets and the like are recycled into crochet rugs and baskets. Limiting our driving so we get "shopping and marketing done in one day. For fun things we will take the bus or train instead of driving. Oh I could go on, but I would rather here what everyone else does to help Mother Earth!!

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