Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Trap door in floor!
Well, my tile won't be ready till tomorrow, but "Vestermark" went ahead and redid the "trap door" to the old root cellar that is in this house. they had fabricated a new frame from metal and then lined it with wood. This way the new trap is lightweight and will take the tile much better.
Also, there is a new hinge and will be a recessed pull to get the trap up.
Tomorrrow they start laying tile!!!!

No we don't use the root cellar due to when we get the "El Nino" rains. the cellar will flood and we have to pump it out. The cellar isn't very big, maybe 4 feet X 5 feet. One can stand up down there. And there is a light. But, normally one doesn't hear of a "root cellar" in California.

Munch is doing better today. She was "very good" all day. No crying at least. I went in and played with her today for about an hour. then I "hand fed" her some cooked chicken. We found if we kind of keep her very well fed, she does better.

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CJ said...

didn't know root cellars were still around. that's pretty cool. is the access so you can put a pump down there in case of flooding? during very heavy rains (nor'easters or hurricanes) our basmement floods.

My remodel has been backed off again until Mon.

Can't wait to see the tile.