Friday, July 13, 2007

together goodby
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In the whole universe I am still not quite sure how things work, but somehow all things are connected.
I am doing this blog about my sons saying goodby to their grandma, yet I am posting on what would have been my "real" dads 77th birthday. Just fate? Intresting how things work!

I went to visit my sons up in Washington and they drove me back to Calif., so they could have a "vacation". You know, sun, sleep, beer, on-line gaming at any hour you want, kind of a 24 hour resturant vacation. Hey, what the hell, I got a few extra labors out of them too!! Getting and bringing "stepping" stones from my old garden is wonderful. Just the shear difference in color makes a real statement. Tho this yard is quite a bit smaller than the half acre I had, I still made rock pathways to be able to get to the backside of someof the plants. Certain places only needed a "larger" stepping stone. "No stepping on soil if possible.
Anyway, Josh had asked if we could go to the cemetary, as he wanted to say good by. Both boys wanted to do that. So, Wednesday, July 11th we went up to Riverside, Calif to the Memorial cemetary.

This is the final plaque to my Mother and step-Father. . .
"Together Forever"

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