Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kind of vacation. My sons seemed to have had fun. Mostly it was doing their on-line gaming of Warcraft". I guess that is kind of a vacation. We did go to the Fair over at the Orange county fairgrounds. I let them know that this fair was mostly shows and food. It's been a really long time since there were a lot of animals there. Today it is mostly sheep or goats. Cattle are prety much gone from here now.
The pictures are kind of those "no, not really into photos this vacation Mom. Just want to do R&R my way. Don't worry, I will try my best to keep the mess down." And they did. Not bad for grown children.

The world is becoming colorful again. All the shades of grey and fading into blooms of color. And I know someone had to have the music I was hearing playing somewhere. I keep hearing those Gregorian chants in my head. Ether that or I am just beginning to go nuts. Cool. I guess we'll all find out when it happens-huh?

the house is nearly finished. Or reasonably so. Just gotta do the mirrors, pictures and the like. Kind of grunt work. At least for me. I just love my stone floor in the kitchen. The color really flows on out to the outside. Gives it that extened kitchen/patio feel. So far it's been great to have coffee outside and just enjoy the early morning and how it wakes up.

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