Thursday, October 11, 2007

Candy Corn crochet purse.
That is a 6 inch ruler next to the purse so everyone can kind of get an idea of how large this purse is!!! It really is so soft after felting!! And remember you can get the "free pattern" at the!!!!!! I like to show crochet in it's different stages. Kind of gives one the idea of how a pattern is worked.

Well, I went over to the big "speciality market" over by Fashion Island and got a couple of really nice steaks for hubby's birthday on Sat. For the same price as going to a nice resturant, I got "bigger and better" steaks, plus all the trimmings. Poor baby is going to be 58!!! he's a year older than me. But, he has inocent tremor in his hands. It gets worse with age. I guess in several years he will have to "drink his coffee with a straw as his hands will shake so bad he would spill it all over him. No, it's not Parkson's. He does take a medication for it, but it really doesn't make it go away.
I also went over to Roger's gardens. This garden shop is so beautiful. Right now they have a halloween set-up and they have just gotten all the Christmas trees decorated inside the main building. Oh, if I ever hit the lottery-that would be the first place I would go!!! LOL they don't allow photos, so I can't show you the trees. But take my word for it, walking thru all those beautiful decorated trees is heaven!!

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Anu said...

Hi Deb,

just picked up yr Comment on the Tapestry Crochet blog I'm trying to get up & running (for the Flickr group mainly). If you go to my Profile you'll find my personal bog.

Are you the same Deb who Flickrmailed me under spaceman48 ID? About the Carole Ventura contact & workshop?

Do you also do tapestry crochet? If so you are very welcome to join the blog, it's an open blog, along lines of Granny Along, which you really should check out if you haven't already.

Reply to me if you like via the Comments again, or my email, on the TC blogspot.

Your new porch chairs are beautiful. Strangely my next door neighbor bought an identical set just two days ago! So comfortable, I so enjoyed sitting on his veranda, looking at the view, enjoying a sunset spritzer.