Thursday, October 11, 2007

Happy Fall!!
TA-DA. I got new chairs for the front porch. And since we are into fall, I added the color. Thought I would share. Just wait till I add the "Halloween" touches. But, hubby's birthday is Saturday and I will wait to do the "spooky" things on Sunday. Hubby will be 58!!!!!

Also, I am getting the photos from the Oakland Knit and Crochet show done. I did get one shot of some of the old buildings, BUT . . . Hillary was going to be doing one of the "political rallys" in about an hour. I thought about it, took one shot of a building, then decided it wasn't going to be worth it to try to explain to Secret service that I was only taking pictures of buildings. Now, to back this up, the next morning at breakfast, a secret service agent was in the hotel's dining room. Yes, it was. It's when they talk into their sleeves that kind of gives them away, plus the shiney shoes. Nothing came of the visit, but since the "former First lady" was in town . . .
Also down the other way from where Hillary was going to be speaking, they were opening an "Obama" political office was opening. No "Obama", but everything to go with it. Just way to many people for me. I just went back to the hotel and watched the Seahawks/San Fran game. "SEAHAWKS" won.
In being able to watch this things setting up, I did notice that both just were looking for donations via their buttons, stickers, placards, etc. I think it would have been better if I was running for a high office, I would have had food and water/soda etc. After all the "monies" these campaigns raise, why do they want the nickles and dimes from regular people. Why not give a bit back. Even grilled hot dogs, chips, and a soda would sure make me think different about who was running. What about you? Now, I don't want to know who you are for or anything like that. But, how would you like to see a rally? Somewhere you have to "pay" to be up front, or mingling with a hot dog and cold soda?? Something on those lines . . .

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