Saturday, November 10, 2007

Being and Living Green. . .

How many of you just throw in the trash, your coffee grounds, cold coffee, tea bags, cuttings from vegetables, egg shells, potato, carrot peelings, the water used to boil eggs, potatoes, vegetables etc? Now I know some of you live in small apartments and don't have gardens, but do you have house plants? Above you see my kitchen compost. Mostly coffee grounds. But, when I do boil eggs or potatoes, the hot liquid goes in there also. Then ether hubby or myself will go out, grab the little shovel, and bury this around the roses, and/or other plants. When I remake my coffee for the next day, whatever coffee is left goes out also. One way to kind of save a bit of liquid that a plant could use, and the nutrients even in coffee is good for the plants. My rose blooms are huge. My yard looks amazing. Plus I have plenty of worms.
My little "bucket" has a lid, so no one has to look at the stuff inside.
and for all of you who just have a small apartment, but have house plants-use the cold coffee to just water your plants. Your other kitchen waste could be used around your complex if you have bushes, trees, and the like.

There are a few exceptions to what can go out. DO NOT PUT ONION SKINS OR GARLIC PAPERS OUT IN YOUR GARDEN. Most onion skins and garlic paper has a dry greyish powdery mold on. tho this will NOT HURT YOU, this mold will grow in soil and spread thru out your soil. Go ahead and throw these things in the trash.

It's one way to help the old Mother earth and feel good about giving back to her.

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