Monday, December 03, 2007

Munchie . . .P.O.V. . . ."1st Home alone" & what the "staff was doing"

"Well . . .my staff decided to go off somewhere, and here I am "home Alone". Can you imagine! This total stranger came into my house and gave me my breakfast and dinner. He wouldn't let me go outside, and there was NO ONE here to keep me warm when I cuddle up at night. My poor buddy, Bandit, got stuck outside for all that time too. We had rain and some wind. I have to say I was scared. I had never been left alone for so long. 2 days and 2 nights with only that stupid tiny box with noise coming out.
Oh, I heard all about the "staff's little trip . . .

When the "staff" takes off they leave by train in Santa Ana and usually go south to San Diego. Well, good thing it was raining when they left-they deserved that-LOL I guess the train in front of them had broken down and their train had to get all the passengers from the Oceanside stop. But, I heard they had fun anyway. A couple of beers on the train as the ride is almost 2 hours. Then after arriving in San Diego, they got over to their hotel and thats when the fun started, at least for them. Dinner at the on site resturant with a couple of drinks. I heard they were so "tired" by the time they got back to their room, it was just "shut-eye" that night-LOL
Sat morning, they didn't get up as early as usual. Well, that was because I wasn't there to make sure. After showering and getting ready, the hotel's shuddle took them up to the museum. They were going to go see all these really old pieces of paper. Huh . . .scraps of paper are meant to be played with, chewed on, then lost.

Well, that surely doesn't look like much fun to play in if one is a cat.
boy, they better not bring home any of those pets. Dead Sea Scrolls-wonder if there is catnip inside.

I overheard one of my staff say that she saw a writting of the "Ten Commandments" that was older than Jesus Christ. Is that important? I guess. Being a cat, I just don't get some things.
she also said it took till afternoon to see everything. She got a couple of books about it all too.

Afterwards they went here to have dinner and get a few things for their "romantic" evening! the Mexican food was great along with the peach margarita and the peppermint margarita. I like my "malt" hair ball stuff. Nothing fancy for me.
Bath salts and candles. Well, I am certainly NOT going to take a bath, not even with salt from the Dead Sea.
Upon arriving back at their hotel, a beautiful bunch of roses was waiting. How nice! And the rest of the evening was, well, what can I say but even tho I am a cat, I still have discretion. Go ahead and let your own imagination take it from here.

they finally got back on Sunday afternoon and let me tell you I was nothing but a streak of striped fur running out the back door. And I ignored them the rest of the day. It took a lot of "princess pleasing" to get me to come in that night.
But, imagine. leaving me!!!! Oh their friend, who did make sure I at least had some food, told them I was crying Sunday morning. I did not cry. I mearly was asking, loudly, if I could go outside.

But, the staff is home. things are where they belong and I AM NOT ALONE ANYMORE!

Thanks for letting me vent

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