Friday, December 21, 2007

New overnight grip!

Ok, I was laying down with the heating pad on my back, channel surfing when I saw this huge tote on HSC. I admit I don't usually watch those channels, but this did catch my eye. This is from the Iman collection. I got the carmel/python. Now this is a huge bag. It is sitting on one of the patio chairs here.
I really needed a new overnight grip as my old one was a "basket" purse.

I've had this basket tote for almost 25 years. It's been everywhere and been thru just about everything. Now, I will retire it for yarn. It is still in good condition, just a bit faded. I love it as I can just rinse it out, let it dry in the shade and voilla, good as new. It's just that I thought it was time to "move on".

So, here you can see the both of them together. Imagine if I am on the train going up to Seattle. My stuff in the Iman tote, and a crochet project in the basket. Works for me.

But, let me know what you think of my new tote.


1 comment:

CJ said...

I love the new tote and the idea of toting your projects in the old one.