Thursday, January 17, 2008

Concerns, string purse & button necklace

I am just going to have to quit thinking so much. WHY does things on ones mind try to detour the body. I mean really. Yes, I am a bit worried about hubby and having to get a second colonosphy. And you can bet it's on hubby's mind more than mine. Hey, we've both talked about everything. We both know what's up. Yet, hubby is a tad distant. And he's a bit off his feed. Which I find unusual. Hubby sees the colon doctor on Mon. 3:30 pm.

Hubby also goes in today to get the second half of his teeth deep cleaned. Poor baby. After Mon, we can schedule him for the extractions of his back teeth. Cleanings were nessessary for overall health. Especially since extractions are in order. Then, after healing for a month or so, hubby will go back in, have the rest of his teeth extracted, and his dentures put in. The dentures will act as a bandage then.

You have to understand hubby's disability. Innocent tremor is a brain problem. It's genetic.His hands shake.
It only gets worse with age. he's on medication and he still shakes. Imagine without the meds . . . Hubby sometimes has to use 2 hands to hold his cell phone up to his ear. He had difficulty brushing his teeth, let alone flossing and all that. Washing dentures will be so much easier for him. And me too. Used to wash Mother's dentures. that I don't mind.

So, I used to wash Mother's dentures, doing hubby's will be no problem.

Finally got the handles sewed on to the string purse. Regular old cotton thread. The heavyweight stuff. I have some brownish and creamiest beads that I think I will sew or fringe along the curve of the handle seam. And maybe along the side edges. Just want to give it a bit of pizzazz. Living this close to the beach, these purses are great for the beach. The sand can fall out easier due to the spaces from the crochet.-LOL

Has anyone else been thinking about summer??? I made several of these a few summers ago. no pattern, just crochet strips with buttons crocheted on. Make sure you find the smallest hook you can to go thru some of the button holes. (I dislike drilling if possible.)

How many of you have vintage buttons in drawers, jars, jewelry boxes for safekeeping. This is a wonderful way to display those. And with all the beautiful colors of thread yarn.

I did this necklace when my Mother was in the Lions club. Blue and gold (yellow) colors. The lion's head as the focal. Just balance both sides of the necklace with regular buttons added in. Or not. make this necklace as full or not as you like. I love my peasant skirts in summer. With my tunic t-shirt tops, these are wonderful to wear.

Well, dentist first today, then milk, cat food, return movies, paint, stuffing, all on the way home. Maybe lunch out would be nice too . . .

Later . . . everyone have a nice day

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