Thursday, December 27, 2007

"Our Christmas" with a nature surpise

Goodness, was Christmas wonderful. It's been awhile since I have been able to "do" a Christmas like this.I mean, "lord love a duck, I just went for it this year. Yes, I spent a bit of money, but a lot of my stuff for decorating had been "tucked" away for years. Mostly the outside garlands and such. Hubby really out did himself to make sure I had a great Christmas too. He was just so sweet. Christmas mornings tho, after coffee and the sun finally makes it's way high enough that one doesn't need the headlights, I have a tradition to go to the beach, on Christmas. I've been doing that since the very early 60's, when my mother moved out to California from Chicago. I mean, imagine the people who do vacations at Christmas to visit Newport Beach and Southern Calif. They pay mega bucks to go a view the ocean on Christmas Day. Well, so do I-LOL The Santa Ana winds started blowing that morning about 3:45 am. Being the light sleeper I am, I got up. Cats-one wanted in and the other wanted out! Lowered the umbrella, sat on the stoop had a cig and my coffee. Waiting for dawn.

The berms are in place to keep the high tide at bay as the moon was full also. You can see the winds just pushing back at the waves. It was beautiful. Windy and chilly, but beautiful.

Had to get the birds in there. The Newport Beach pier. The surfers were out and other couples were out strolling too.

I just had to get this kind of shot. With the moon full, during high tide, the waves are 8-10 feet. We are walking on the other side of the parking lot so we had a buffer from the winds.

We got home and opened presents. Oh boy, I got several small boxes from Victoria's Secret. Us girls have to have our "Mona Lisa smiles" which mean only our "lovers" know that that means we are wearing something a tad "naughty" under our clothes. LOL Hubby got me not one but 2 robes. Nice and warm. Love em'. A couple of crochet hard bound books and a beading book. A USC lawn chair, and a couple of tops. My daughter got me "Leopard" for my Mac and the top version of Vista for hubby, WOOT. My sons got me the most beautiful soup mugs from "Mud in your eye" pottery.
I got hubby some newer t's and sweatshirts with great things on them. another pair of slippers, geek light, and a planetary watch.
Hubby also got me a throw in Leopard spots. Oh, I like that-LOL

The turkey came out just perfect, and we ate in the dinning room. We sat at ether end of the table. That was cute. Felt like being in one of those old movies. We just needed the butler to serve.

While hubby was doing the dishes, he got a special visitor. One of our hummingbirds took a wrong turn and ended up in the house. Hubby had to catch her before she really hurt herself on the windows. When a hummingbird is "caught", they won't fight or move to much. They can't afford to use up any extra energy. Also, hummingbirds can't walk. They have to perch or fly Now, these are hubby's hands. His hands shake due to innocent tremor. He was so gentle with this bird. And being nervous, he shakes more. But, this tiny bird just laid quietly in his hands. Truly a Christmas gift from heaven. I took the little bird out to one of the feeders and other hummers. Zoom, she was gone . . .

Spent the rest of the evening watching the first season of Rome. Hubby needed to catch up so we can jump into season 2. and then well, nite nite all. Dreams of sugarplums and wonder

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CJ said...

Hi Deb! Loved the beach pictures! Just stunning. A long time ago, I visited a friend in LA She took me on a drive up the coast SLO, Solvang. We stopped some placeand she took me to the beach. Even though it was Feb, I went wading in the ocean. Couldn't travel all the way from Boston and not stand in the Pacific. LOL
Wishing you and your family a very happy new year.