Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ok, I know have the little bedroom ready to go. All the stuff was picked up. And we "filled" Tom's trailor!! All of Mother's things will be going to Apache reservation in Arizona. That tribe is one of the poorest. And it really makes my heart full to know I can lend a hand.
Hubby and Tom loaded all the stuff. then hubby went ahead and began taking out the old ratty carpet. I hate carpet. If you could see all the "dust" and whatever under a carpet, you would never have carpet ether. YUK!! Hubby did it in sections so it wasn't heavy to tote out. I didn't overdo and my back isn't so bad today. The hardest part is getting all those little nail strips up!! We sat and got it all taken care of in just over an hour. I love little pry bars to get the strips and staples!! Hubby swept and then vacuumed. We also moved in the TV cabinet and TV, plus the secertary desk. I have to call the cable company and have them transfer the cable line to this room. Also, I am going out to find a couple of futon-like chairs for in here too. That way, if for some strange reason I get company, I will have a couple of extra beds. I still need to figure out how to get the really big desk in this room too. My neighbor Joe said we might be able to take it apart and reassemble it. Let's hope so. So all in all, I now have the majority of this room finished. Now to move on to the living room and dining room. But, I have a call into my lawn service guy to see if he can get me a couple of guys to help hubby get the rest of the carpet out. I will also be renting a bin from the trash company to really get rid of all this carpet and other junk!! POOF-gone. So much easier than trying to haul all this stuff away ourselves.

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