Tuesday, May 15, 2007

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Today is my 37th Wedding anniversary. Some years it feels like we'ver been married longer, some shorter. Till hubby "retired", he would be away at sea working. He used to work on oil tankers that went to Alaska and back down to California. He did that for 25 years. I kind of got used to not having him underfoot all the time. I also learned how to do just about everything too. Now, with this back thing going on, I am having to "teach" him some of the shortcuts to running a household. Now that has been really a lot of fun.
I don't expect anything from anyone today. Being that I was keeping the home fires burning on my own, I also got used to NOT having anyone even realize anniversaries, birthdays etc. That comes from being the "5th wheel" with girlfriends. Who is going to want a single married woman around some girlfriends husband?? You get the idea, so guess what, I don't really have a lot of girlfriends ether becasue they are so insecure. But, that's life I guess.
Things like that just takes a pause to remember. Girlfriends has always been on the "asking" side when they needed help or whatever. It took a lot to learn not to be be "Johnny on the spot" when people ask for help from me. I am now learning to put myself first. In my case, "what goes around, doesn't come around". I know I sound angry and maybe that's the problem. But . . . at this moment, I really don't care. With Mother's Day, which was really lonely, and now my 37 anniversary today, my wish is for to be like most of the other women I see and hear about-a day filled with just "fun" and rememberance. It's not going to happen, but that has been my wish for these long lonely 37 years.

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