Monday, May 14, 2007

I bet everyone thought I disapeared! The painting contractor had called us week before last and said he could do our house last week due to another job that was canceled. Of course I said "Sure". Well, hubby and I got busy and had the house empted out over the weekend including getting all the switchplates and such off.
The painters started early Monday Morning. They were great. They laid down all the paper and covered the furniture, then got started on patching, sanding, and the like. John, the boss, began the new mudding of the kitchen ceiling. Plus that was when we had out "mini-heat wave for the first 2 days. The guys did begin the primer and were finished with the second coat of primer on the second day. I should say that this is a smallhouse. 5 rooms and a bath. By the third day, the mudding was finished and the guys were beginning to apply the finishing paint. WOW, what a difference in here. Due to Mother's illness for close to 5 years, we had not been able to do anything. Mother had breathing difficulties and was on oxygen. So, the walls and such were really nasty. I also had the cabinets painted inside and out. By, Thursday the house was finished. Hubby and I waited till Sat to start putting the house back together. Even Mother's Day we worked. As soon as I get the rest of the house put back together, I will take a few more photos to show the finished job!! But, I love it!!!!

The tile job will begin on June 25th. The tile contractor will be getting together with me to pick tile and colors. Of course when they do that everything in the kitchen and bath will have to come out. It will look really cute to see the fridge in the dinning room!! They did say they would help us move the fridge and stove due to my lumbar problem.

I did have a deadline for all that I wanted done and that was by Thanksgiving. So, things are moving right along. I still have to get some window coverings for the bedrooms and living room. Plus I have to get some photos and artwork framed to finish what is going up on the walls. I found a new lampshade for a burl lamp base that my step-father had made. I did have to buy the entire lamp to get it, but it was cheaper than just ordering a lamp shade. I also found 2 ceiling lamps for the bedrooms that were on sale also. The pictures of those will be in the next blog.

Well, I'm off again . . . .

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