Sunday, June 17, 2007

Boy, does the new window make a difference. with the old window, I haven't seen it open since the 60's. I guess my dad had to seal it up due to leakage when it was raining really hard one year. It was a bit emotional to see the old bay window "open" again. And it was really difficult to see it go. But . . . after they got the new windows in, opened the side ones and I felt that wonderful breeze, I was very happy. The new window is double paned, UV resistant, blocks 70% of the noise, and the "grids are between the glass, and is just beautiful.
I will say we will be getting the rest of the house done also. I am really tired of "fighting" with old wooden windows that are 70 years old!!! Sure will be nice.
Well, I am off to "fill" the bookcase. then I have to move some more furniture as the "closet" people are coming tomorrow to do the back bedroom closet so I have desk and cubbies for my office/studio, TV room!!!!

Just been really busy. We are also sanding and refinishing lots of "wood".

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Calistar said...

Gorgeous! I know you must be dancing with glee over your new window... it's a huge bay window!

Oh and I loved the "Senior Citizen" post too!! ROFL!