Thursday, March 22, 2007

I must be really weird. I just have to get important things done before I "pretty up" the house.
Gary, our plummer replaced the riser pipe for our shower, plus all new fixtures in the bath. The old pipe was a galvenized pipe and the fixtures were from 1937. Now the pipe is copper. You can not believe the difference in a shower now!! WOW!!! No more just water coming out-now it really "beats" the dirt off of a body!!! LOL Yes, they had to cut the wall, but hubby and my neighbor Joe, made the pannel. My walls are real lathe and plaster so, because the pipes and the thermastat are in there, the pannel is just fine-just in case. I think it adds character.

Also, I had the hot water tank replaced. The old one was from 1990. Gary is great. He's been Mother's plummer for 20 years. He gets the job done quickly, and done right! Both things he had finished in just a bit over an hour. HIs son Chris is his assistant.

Hopefully, Friday, all of Mother's bedroom furniture and clothes will be picked up by Tom, who will then take it to Apache reservation this weekend. Pay it forward with Mother's things is what I wanted to do. I know people on the reservation "really" need stuff as this tribe is really poor.
Then hubby and I can get the carpet out of the little bedroom, move a few things in and I will have my very own room for beading, crochet and computer. I am also going to put the TV in the little bedroom too.
Then the rest of the carpet in the house will come out. I will have a nice living room, and a dining room where I take pictures of "Thru the Bay window" from. My dream of having a house again is slowly coming true!! I will do pictures as I go!

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