Saturday, March 24, 2007

Well, it is very early on Sat morning here. (west coast) As I wait for hubby to get up, I check my e-mail, drink coffee, read the paper, feed the cats, then I can take a breath for a few minutes.
I can see now how the house is going to look when we get finished. I have a call into our lawn service guy-John. I want to ask him if he could get us a couple of guys to help hubby rip up the rest of the carpet. I will pay them the going rate and provide lunch. Next week we will be renting a "bin" from the trash company and just getting rid of the old carpet and other junk. It is so much easier than trying to haul away everything. I need to go out and order the 7 foot bookcase, a coffee table, chairs for the dinning table and a couple of futon type chairs for the little bedroom. the futon chairs can also be beds in case of vistors such as my kids. I will also be getting a new stove, fridge and washer. It is tough waiting for all this to get done. It's funny how impatient I am right now. I know these things will be getting done, but I want them done "yesterday"!!!

Well, we finall got all that stuff in the little bedroom "OUT". I had decided to just "donate" all the stuff as a "pay it forward" thing. For once I think it would be nice not to have to think on if I should get a tax break on something.
We went ahead and got the carpet out of the room. Hubby did it in sections as I just can't lift heavy things anymore. It just makes me so angry that I can't do that kind of work. I'm angry that my back is all screwed up. I was the one who always stressed doing heavy lifting and the like the proper way. Lift from the knees, don't twist and lift, etc. And yet here I am with 2 vertebrtas closing in on my spinal cord. Most days I can put up with the pain. Lately tho, I can feel it even when I roll over in bed. I know I need to go in and see Dr. Dennis and see if one of those "magic shots" will do the trick again. Let me expain the shot. I go to the out patient clinic, and when I am called, I go into an operating room, lie on my stomach. They then put me out, that's so I don't move or twitch, stick a needle into L3-4, the space between the 3rd and 4th vertebra and shoot in cortazone. when I wake up, it feels like my hip bones are frozen. For the next few days I just need to take it easy. I hadn't been able to get much medical help while taking care of Mother as the volunteers would only do 2 hours twice a week. With hubby having to take me to get this shot, I needed more than the 2 hours. the really sad part is, friends of Mother or myself just didn't have the time to help me out. So, here I am. I guess I am still reeling about the fact that all the care was left up to me. Now, I am in need and well, I have to go it alone-again.

On a different note, those of you who do any knitting or crochet know the joys of winding your yarn by hand. I use my knees to wind up balls of yarn. Others use a chair to hold yarn while winding. Well, I found a woman who not wanting to pay out up to $70 for a winder, figured out how to make on for under $20. Her llink is
Plus if you go to her site she now has knit patterns.

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anne said...

Wow Deborah, your beading and crochet is impressive! Thanks for commenting on my blog and for linking me. See you at ATS.