Thursday, March 22, 2007

next room to redo
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As you can see this little 12 X 12 room is bursting with furniture and clothes to go to charity.
But, this is the room is will transform into my studio for beading, crochet and computer stuff. I am also going to put the TV in here too. That old ratty rug is coming up as there is oak floors under it. I really hate carpeting. I will just have to make a ffew more crochet rugs to "throw down".

You just can't understand how excited I am to finally be able to do something with this little house. I love this little house and I am so thrilled Mother left it to me. the house was built in 1937, is solid redwood including the framwork. The framwork was also designed for earthquakes as the inside of the framwork forms an "X" instead of the standard uprights with a small piece inbetween. the walls are real lathe and plaster. the floors are all solid oak. Tho the house is small-2 bedrooms 1 bath, it is just perfect for hubby and myself. The yard is just right and the garage is NOT attached to the house. We also have a paved alley in the back of the garage. the city of Costa Mesa had sent Mother a letter a few years ago that there was historical intrest in the house. I want to get some things done, then if the city wants to-they can go ahead and put it on the historical list!!!!!

So far hubby and I have put on a new roof, redid the electrical, redid most of the plumming, a new fence on the north side of the place and replaced a few windows.

So, stay tuned and check in to see how the place is coming along!!

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