Monday, September 18, 2006

Here is a "horse purse" I did. The shape is like a feed bag, but I love the way the strap works to close the purse. I just have to block it for it to retain it's shape. A few people have said how fast I do these patterns. I don't think I work fast enough. I usually crochet anytime I get to sit down longer than 10 minutes. Let me explain how my day goes. And mind you, this is every day, 7 days a week.
Mondays-The day starts out between 4-5am. One of the cats usually wants to go out. The old cat-"Bandit" will meow till he gets his way. But the handicapped cat-"Munch" will come into the little hallway and give a yowl. So, up I go-plug in the coffee, turn on the kitchen light, let the cats out, turn on hubbys coffee, turn out the overhead nightlight. Then go and turn out the nightlight in the livingroom and go and get the paper out front. By then my coffee is finished and Mother has turned on her light in her bedroom. I get a tray and get her coffee, a nosh, her 2 inhailers, daily meds, and the one tube for her nebulizer. I get her set up with the bed tray and proceed to "empty" her bedside commode. When that is finished I try to get a cup of coffee for myself and scan the headlines. With my second cup of coffee I go and get Mother to do her first breathing treatment of the day. I then go and feed the cats and try to grab a nosh for myself. Now mind you I do this EVERY morning. Usually around 6ish, Mother wants to get up and ether come in the kitchen or the living room.I change over the oxygen tube to the livingroom/kitchen tube. Another cup of coffee for me-yipee! I get her to her chair and she can go on cable. (No, I am not getting cable for her bedroom as I would be "stuck" in there most of the day). I am then able to do dishes and remake the coffee for the next day. Till nineish I can try to get some crochet done inbetween getting Mother juice, soda, more toast or commode trips. Between 9am and 11am if needed I get to go to the market or drug store or where ever Mother needs me to get her something. Hubby will sit with her tho she won't ask him to even take her to the commode. Great huh!
Lunch is between 11am and 12:30pm and then back to the livingroom. Now, before this I used to be able to get in some beading till 4"30. But I haven't been able to bead since the beginning of July. I haven't been able to do any art/craft shows or even go to a Bead Society meeting ether. I have even had to reschedule 2 dental appointments and a lecture.
During the afternoon there are several commode breaks, into the kitchen, and various get me this or that. And the questions all day on things we have talked about the day before. I also hear about things that she wants done with guilt, like the carpet needs cleaning, etc. And during the day she gets 3 more nebulizer treatments.
On Mondays the lawn guys come. I have to make sure they get their treats and drinks and tips.
Between 7pm and 8pm she goes to bed. I change the oxygen tubes back to the bedroom one, her nightly nose spray, and a sip of cough med and voila-I get some time for me! I do mainly computer stuff, but I am tired so I usually go to bed around 10pm. Monday is the day the aid comes for her bath around 2pm. At least I don't have to do that job anymore.
Tuesday is trash day-Again the snacks and drinks and the above again. Also on Tuesdays the hospice nurse comes to check on her. This Tuesday the volunteer will come to explain how they work, tho I get the impression Mother wasn't to excited about that. It would be a couple of hours for me to escape!!!!! We'll see how that goes.
Wednesday is street cleaning day-all cars must be off the street by 10am and not be back till 2pm
Thursday-Bath day and the nurse will visit.
Friday-nothing scheduled-open
The weekend is usually open, but one never knows
So, now that I have described my days we can go on from here. If things change, I will inform everyone.


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