Wednesday, September 20, 2006

"MEOW" purse! This is tapestry crochet. I am having a lot of fun with this stitch. This is a small bag just right for those "little trips". Just enough to be able to hold your mad money, driver's license, credit card and a pen! What more would one need. You can even put your keys on the strap as it is part of the bag itself!

Today was a fun day. Mother didn't have a good day. She was tired all day. Plus she didn't want to eat much. I think she is going into pneumonia again. Of course if she does this will be different as she is on hospice. There won't be the ER, or the hospital or any thing like that. Mother says she is tired and just wants to go. What can I do? I have to abide by her wishes. The only thing that will bother me is watching as she does this to herself. Being that both Mother and I are only children, there isn't anyone else to help out.
I want everyone to know what it is like to do this parental caregiving job. I know one hears about all the help people get for one thing or another, but I really haven't seen any of it. I have been "winging it" for close to 3 years now. Until hospice, and a nurse to talk to twice a week, most of what I have done has been ok. The really hard part is how Mother's and some of my friends have just vanished into the wind. I would "NEVER" ask one of them to do anything like empty bedpans, or do Mother's nebulizer treatments. But, you know it would be nice if someone brought over a dinner or lunch. Maybe once in a blue moon help with the housework or the laundry. I have been doing all of that and more, on my own. I am really tired. Yet, I still get asked to "volunteer" at some school, or function. Weird huh? That saying that "What goes around, comes around"! I DON'T BELIEVE IT for a minute. Nothing has ever come around back to me or Mother.
Now don't get me wrong, I am a really fun person. I jsut haven't been able to even get out to get my hair cut! I rush when I have to go to the market or drug store. Right now the internet is my window to the world. I would love to walk the beach during a sunset. Or go to a museum. So, hey, leave a comment and where you live on my map. Tell me what you think about my crochet and beadwork! Maybe ask how much or even buy a piece. Just let me know some people still care out there. Do you think you could do that? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!


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