Wednesday, September 20, 2006

People Bag!!! Don't' ya just love this. As you can see it can hold things the size of a magazine. The stitch is tapestry Crochet. The pattern is from Carol Ventura's book "More Tapestry Crochet". She did hers in different colors, but I chose just black and white wool yarn. I wanted more contrast.
I can crochet as I sit with Mother. It is easier when I have to get up and down all day. I get up to get Mother various drinks, her breathing nebulizer treatments, meals, wheel her to the bedside commode, get he mail etc etc . . .
With crochet, I can lay it down and then pick it up when I get back. Some people think I crochet fast. I don't think so as this bag took me 4 days. I could have had it done in 2 if I didn't have all the up and down stuff. But, whatever. I do make a lot of things. Mostly I do that to combat the stress I am going thru with Mother. If you've read thru some of my posts it is explained. Wait till I get to posting the beadwork I have done. I haven't been able to do a lot of beadwork right now, but, I have done a lot previously. I did art walks up until last spring.
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